Burning leaves to the ground, in colors it comes,
Maybe, baby, it never was was wrong,
Take my summer away with the sound of your strums
Make me start loudly singing along.

Never talk ’bout the stars floating so high above,
They will never come down once again,
Never tell that there is sorta infinite love,
Cause I’ll never believe anyway.

Softly look in my eyes, swear we can make a deal:
With the poets we’ll never align,
Never bothered with something that’s cruelly unreal,
Never dream about life that’s divine.

Please, don’t give me the world, but the room just to rent,
So I’ll do just the same if you will,
In return world won’t end when we’re broken and spent,
And no faith we both ever will spill.

go. 2010

Я даже не уверен в отсутствии ошибок, блеать, но хоть что-то я из себя таки выдавил. Нехватит — лошина бтв.